Different Beds for Different Sleepyheads

Pop quiz time! You'll ace this one – you've been studying for it your whole life. Answer the questions about your sleep style and what keeps you up at night and we'll match you with your mattress. Don't worry – there are no wrong answers, and we love all sleepers equally (except for standing sleepers - we haven't quite figured you out yet). Let's find you the dreamiest mattress.

What is your sleep style?

Love feeling cradled?

Do you love the feeling of sinking into your mattress at night? Side sleepers in particular love getting a comforting hug from their mattress whether they’re laying down for the night or just catching a nap.

Love feeling supported?

Do you sleep better knowing that your mattress’ got your back? If you like to spread out like a starfish with your face smooshed in a pillow or if you sleep on your back, then this may be you.

A little bit of both?

You’re not one to commit to sleeping one way or another. But you do value a comfortable mattress. So just like Goldilocks, you want one with just enough give and a healthy serving of support.

What Disturbs Your Sleep?​

Motion from others or pets​

I am a light sleeper who is easily disturbed by humans and pets I cosleep with.

Feeling too hot

I sleep hot and often wake up from discomfort.

Aches and pains​

I sleep the recommended 6-8 hours (sometimes more) every night but I still wake up feeling sore and uncomfortable.

Our Recommendation

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